I’m Anshu Tank, product designer and a creative team player with the ability to convert ideas to goals, inspire teams and create interactive human experiences. Interested in exploring user experience in the broadest sense — not just for users of a product, but for the people who make them. How can we help them achieve their goals, to inspire them to be their best selves? 

I have worked for over four years in the design industry and inculcated an ability to ideate, analyze and solve complex design problems through a systematic design process. Working with teams and leading design projects for Sprinklr's enterprise product has not only taught me how to design for the user's needs but also to how can we achieve business goals as well.

Going forward in the pursuit of my ambitions, I seek to continue learning and growing. I aim to develop products for social good, which I hope will bring smiles, break stigmas, and galvanize others.